Monday, July 1, 2013

A little late

When Jake is gone to Mexico, I sort of lose track of the time at night. I will mow the lawn at 9, go grocery shopping at 10:30, stay up reading until 4. It's catching up to me now that he's home, and I have become a bit moody. And add in the time of the month, I am Jakes favorite person to be around right now. haha.

He actually asked me, "are women as moody as they when it's that time of the month, because if they are, that is going to be a LOOONG 9 months."


haha. What a funny boy. But really I didn't know, so ladies? any insight?

Anyways, last week on one of the nights that I was up 'til the butt crack of the night, I finally made this video of our cruise in April. I had taken some of these shots intending to make a movie, but it ended up being pretty random. So I hope you enjoy!!!


  1. did you mean to write are women as moody when they are pregnant? haha the first few months for me, i was definitely more moody. it wasn't a constant moodiness but id have breakdowns over absolutely ridiculous things. it definitely wasn't my whole pregnancy, and its different for everyone. also, i think most women are emotional the last month of pregnancy...not as much due to hormones....just do to the fact that you are basically miserable and SO ready to need your baby :)

  2. I always stay up WAY too late. It's awful, especially when I have to work early. I watched this video on FB and I must say it's SO cute! What an awesome idea :)


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