Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fun Facts Tuesday!

A few random Facts about me for this Tuesday:

+I didn't start wearing glasses until the Summer after I graduated.
+I was born in a jacuzzi.
+I hate ice in my drinks, it hits my face when I try to drink.
+I love musicals.
+I always wanted to marry a cowboy (check!)
+I love to read. (want to start a bloggy book club, anyone in??)
+I hate bananas. The look, smell, feel. Everything! YUCK!
+My biggest dream is to visit Paris, I don't care how smelly and yucky everyone says it is.
+I love history. Mostly Roman history and mythological stuff :)

and last,

+I was a very fat child.

Good luck future children!


  1. I am a medieval historian! And because of that, I also love mythological stuff!

  2. I love love love reading, a bloggy book club would be awesome!
    I would love to visit Paris one day :D
    I love history too! I am a sucker for history, religion, and psychology :D

  3. Haha how were you a fat child? You're so tiny now!!
    This was fun to read. I hate when the ice tries to attack me too and I want to make it to Paris (and everywhere else in the world) some day!


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