Wednesday, August 28, 2013

September Challenge

For the past few weeks I have had this feeling that I needed to get a hold of my visiting teaching companion.  Then finally I did it and we set a day to go visit our assigned sisters in our ward. We weren't sure what the message for August was so we decided to just go with a yummy treat and quote. 

Then I started reading the September issue of the Ensign and stumbled upon the message for the upcoming month. It is about being Self-Reliant. There is one part about how when the pioneers settled in the Salt Lake Valley that Brigham Young wanted them to "flourish and establish" their new homes. They had to learn new skills and had to become self sufficient. "While the specific duties of Relief Society sisters are often different today, the principals remain constant:

1- Learn to love work and avoid idleness.
2- Acquire a spirit of self- sacrifice
3- Accept personal responsibility for spiritual strength, health, education, employment, finances, food, and other life-sustaining necessities.
4- Pray for faith and courage to meet challenges.
5- Strengthen others who need assistance."

These got me to thinking that these are such great things to strengthen to any person. Religious or not. 

If you would like to join me, I am going to work on these one week at a time throughout the week of September. I will do a post at the beginning of the week to remind you of what the principal is, and one at the end of the week to share my insights and thoughts with you. **Some things that I/you may feel and learn through out this is very personal, and will help you grow and become more self reliant. You can choose to do this with your spouse/loved one as well and grow closer to one another.

I am very excited about this. If it helps to put notes around the house, notifications on your phone, anything to remind you to keep going, do it!! 

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  1. I'm always feeling like I don't need to go visiting teaching if I already know my sister's life is going great. Seems messed up, huh? I need to work on that for sure. Thanks for these tips. I'm going this week. haha. I will I will I will.



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