Monday, September 22, 2014


ahha!!! diry mirror/out of focus picture for all-yall today on this lovely Monday!!

Favorite Moments: 

Eating: I have loved Chinese food and tomato soup more than anything! And anything pickled!

Drinking: tons of water. What else!? :) I have been missing my doctor pepper and have one every now and then. But water has been pretty much it. 

Feeling: Over all pretty good. I have energy most days, and the nausea seems to have decided that it might be done, except on car rides... OHHH the motion sickness! And now the heartburn.
But I've been feeling this little one move for a couple of weeks now and that makes it all worth it!

Buying: way too much! clothes and fabric to make things for the babe.
Gender: A girl. Very much so a girl!

Names: We've had a list since before we got pregnant, and just when I thought we had it narrowed down, I start to love another name! She may get named before she comes, but there are no promises!

Craving: Nothing in particular. Just if I see something on TV or talk about food, then a craving comes. 

Weight Gain:  -3 pounds. Mostly from the morning sickness.. and I don't know what else but I'm trying not to be concerned about it. My doctor didn't seem too worried, so we'll go with that.

Missing Anything: Running. I had to stop when I got pregnant and really miss going out on my nightly run with my pup. 

Aches or Pains: Back pains every now and then but nothing that is too uncomfortable yet!

Maternity Clothes: eek. Yes! I had already bought some before I got pregnant just in advance, and I love them! Just had to go buy new bra's a couple weeks ago. The girls have gone up 2 sizes, holla! 

My Mood: Poor Jake has still been putting up with my constant mood swings. I have been trying to keep a handle on it, but it happens. But still pretty cheerful most the time!

Exercise: I was planning on doing  a lot more, but most days I just end up doing my pilates or count cleaning the house as exercise! 

Excited About: Holding the babe, and seeing what she looks like! And more moving! I've started to notice some patterns of her sleeping and when she's wild and crazy. I just want her moving all day everyday!

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