Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oh little one

**My absolute favorite gift Jake gave me for my birthday!**

There are a lot of things about motherhood that scare me. Not sleeping, not showering, being exhausted all the time. I have babysat my niece many times, when she was a baby as well as her little toddler-self now, and I am exhausted after a few hours. I am trying my hardest to not think about the whole pushing a human out of me and keep praying for some wizard to come around and magically take her out of my belly!

Remember this post I wrote about the pro's and con's of pregnancy? Well.. ever since I've felt this little girl move, all of the bad stuff hasn't mattered. I'm starting to see how people forget the bad stuff about their pregnancy. It has been so fun to watch my belly move as she dances around! Any time she starts moving I stop what I'm doing and feel her kick away at my hands, she's such an active little girl. I am so excited to go to our ultrasound tomorrow and see how much she's grown in the past 4 weeks. She has measured right on since the beginning of my pregnancy, which makes me fear we will end up being a little overdue.

But this little girl is already so spoiled. There are so many things that I go to buy but I know that we're already taken care of in those areas. Her nursery is almost complete, minus a changing table (I have my eye on this one) and all we need are all the decorations I have been eyeing on Etsy! oh that will be the death of me.

Baby H will have a name one day. We have a list that needs to be narrowed down and there are some influences that wont let us set on one until we see her. How do you feel about that? Did anyone tell you what you should do with your babies name??


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