Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunshine box

Have you ever had one of those days when you got home and had some unexpected mail?? I love those day. Lately its been that I forgot I ordered something for the babe and I open the door to a happy delivery!!

I also loved when my friends were on their missions and I would open the mail box and there would be a letter! It was my absolute favorite!

A couple weeks ago my sister was sick and had to cancel some plans that we had and then she started going through a rough time. So I decided to send her some happy mail! I have seen a 'Sunshine Box' floating around pinterest a few times and always wanted to send one to someone to brighten their day. I figured I would send one to my sister since she probably needed a little brightening in her life.

What to do:

Go to the store and buy anything yellow.
Find a box.
Write a happy note.
Send the sunshine.

I shop mostly at Macey's and they still have that section of candy that you scoop out! Ah! that made this so much easier. But the best part of this is you can add whatever you want. If there is a yummy smelling candle, throw it in. Bubble bath? yeah that too. Chapstick, a book, magazines, a cute printable. You can let your imagination run wild with this! Have fun with it.

And if you send a happy box out, I would love to see pictures!!!!

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