Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby H Nursery Dream

I have been working on the babes nursery since before we knew she was growing. I have been collecting furniture to redo and put in the future nursery. Now that we're here, its time to put my pinterest dream to life. At first I really wanted to do a woodland theme and make it so cute with little baby animals. It all started to shift when I was helping my sister find ideas for my baby shower. The nursery has now taken a turn and has become girlie and dainty and everything GIRL!
here are some of the things that I believe NEEDS to be in the nursery. 
Can you believe she'll be here in just over 13 weeks? (that sounds like a lot but to a 26 week pregnant lady, that no time at all!)

This print is a must in a girls room, lets be honest!

I have been so in love with these baskets! I want a billion of them!!!

I was given a beautiful old lamp shade frame, making a crystal chandelier. 

I love the wall decals to go behind the crib. 

I love this to brighten up the space! I really just love everything about them. 

I fully intend to have some sort of a gallery wall above one of the dressers in her room. Yes, you read that right, one of the dressers. She is a girl. She will need all the storage she can get!

And you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a mirror above the changing table (dresser). There was nothing I loved more when my niece was young was making faces at her in the mirror. 

Speaking of dressers, my mother-in-law has her dresser that she had when she was a  little girl, which she later used in the nursery when Jake was a baby, and is now letting me have it. I am wanting to do ombre drawers like this to add more color and femininity to the room. I am in love with those crystal knobs though! *Swoon*

I cannot wait for this little girl to come, but for now I guess I'll continue to work on this nursery. 

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  1. I love it! It will be whimsical and elegant and suited for a girl of all ages!! :) I can't wait to see how you put your inspiration into reality!


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