Monday, November 10, 2014

1st Trimester Favorites

Now that I am nearing the 3rd (and FINAL) trimester, I figured I could gather together a list of things that I have loved during my first 2 trimesters. I also have a few blogger friends who are just recently finding out that they are pregnant, so hopefully giving a little bit of my input will help them to have a more comfortable pregnancy.

First Trimester

-Cold Cereal-
It didn't matter what kind, but this was the one thing that I could keep down most mornings/afternoons, and it is a big comfort food for me. I have just recently gotten over my morning sickness, so I have had my fair share of cereal!

-Tomato Soup-
The brand doesn't matter, but just like the cereal, it was a big comfort food and I craved it all the time! It was so strange because usually anything acidic makes your upset stomach worse, but it calmed mine down. Along with Ritz crackers. Yum! Also, am I the only one that makes it with a can of milk instead of water?? It's something my mama did and it makes it so creamy!

-Stretchy Pants -
These are a must. Good thing I have my BIG stash of sweats and stretchy pants that I didn't have to go buy any! I would come home from work and seriously be in stretchy pants within 3 minutes! In the first trimester you just feel so bloated and yucky that its stretchy pants or no pants!

Starting at week 6 I was so sick every morning. It was rough because we were going camping every weekend and that's not the place I wanted to be sick. So my first appointment I asked for something because I couldn't keep anything down. I'm surprised I kept it a secret at work for as long as I did with the nausea that I had! The thing that worked for me the best was the dissolvable generic brand of Zofran. I would wake up at 6:30 and swallow it like a pill and fall back asleep so it had time to work in my system without me being awake!

- Peppermints -
I tried anything and everything to help my nausea but nothing worked until I got these. Even on the days that my Zofran wouldn't work very well these would cure what ever was left making me sick. I have had this in my purse and desk at work well into my second trimester as well.

-Lip Balm-
Towards the end of my first trimester my face and lips got SO dry!! Burts Bee's is my all time favorite lip balm (thank you Jake) and I had this on my person at all times!

-Prenatals -
I started out with the gummies, mostly because that's what I had been taking the whole time before I got pregnant. But once all that fun morning sickness set in those things made me so sick!!! So I switched to 1 A Day Womens- Prenatals. They are just 2 pills one DHA and the other is the multivitamin, it does have a yucky after taste to it but it doesn't make me sick like the gummies did.

-water. Water. WATER!-
It's obviously that you should be drinking water but when you're pregnant you need even more water. You are making a baby from scratch so your body is working overtime and a lot of the time if you are feeling sick, tired, or bloated you can drink more water and start feeling better. The suggested amount of water is so high that I have gotten so sick of it but in my trimester lemon water helps and its tastes better than just straight up water.

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  1. I'm just going to slowly start commenting on people's posts like this and make people wonder. They'll all know Thursday, so who cares, right?!
    1. Cold cereal is my favorite too! I've spent way too much money on it the past three months. I eat it for dinner and Joe makes fun of me. I crave breakfast foods in general, but cereal is so much faster and easier than pancakes, waffles or french toast.
    2. Zofran is my best friend. Joe claims I'm addicted, but I have to keep explaining to him that it's necessary for me to function each day. I keep trying days without it, and I'm ok for a bit, but I always regret that experiment by at least noon.
    3. Dryness is killing me! I'm itchy all the time! My lips have turned into peeling grossness and nothing was working, not even Burt's Bees. But I found a new chapstick (i can't remember the name) that has been a game changer.
    4. I'm all about the gummies.
    5. And water, you'd think I'd been in a desert for months with the way I drink. And I'm still dry and itchy!!!!

    That is all! :)


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