Monday, November 17, 2014

My life now revolves around my sore body

28 weeks.

How did we make this far so quickly, but also so slowly! It gets to Monday and I think 'this week is going to Dddrrrraaaaagggg.' and then all the sudden I'm another week along! This little girl is moving around like crazy and I swear never sleeps! That's going to be so fun! I love wearing clothes that I can rub my belly, because I love feeling for a foot or hand pushing against my tummy. Its my favorite and what we did the whole time during sacrament on Sunday.

My ribs are starting to hurt from her moving around and sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day. Speaking of, maybe if I write it here I'll remember to bring a blanket to sit on, and buy a foot hammock to put my feet up instead of on my heater. 

Heartburn is present anytime I eat anything that is considered food, but mints and tums are in my purse, desk at work, and beside table. I'm hoping she has a lot of hair. With the mane I've got I would cry if she really ended up not having any hair. I have also had it in my mind that she would have dark hair like me, until I talked to Jake's aunt, who also has dark hair, was telling me how blonde her kids were. So now I have no clue what to think about her hair!

Cheese and Pickles are still my go-to snack. Mostly cheese. MMmm.. and crackers. Now I want a lunchable.

Jake says that my life revolves around food right now. Its true. Especially if it turns out to be nothing like I planned. Fried mushrooms with no ranch?! Who even does that!? Needless to say I was in a bad mood the rest of the night.

I have been doing my best to cook at home lately. Since the morning sickness has finally (hallelujah) left me, I am scared of the weight I could gain if I kept eating out like I was. Not to mention it wasn't the healthiest, so I've changed my ways. I have been quite proud of myself and all the things I have made!

End crazy pregnant woman rant! Happy November! Is it Christmas yet?

P.s. Momma question for you moms, did you use a changing tale? I have a dresser that I planned to use as a changing table but I'm not sure how much I would actually use it!

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  1. My friend told me she got a changing table thing that fit in the top of her pack and play next to her bed (because they got the newborn part) and it was amazing! I don't think I'll splurge on a full on changing table :P My mom always had this really thick blanket (I think it had padding in it) that she put on top of her bed to change the babies on.


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