Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The downhill - bumpdate

This last weekend we got our pictures taken for our Christmas card, and she also did some fun maternity pictures! I cannot believe that my belly is as big as it is! I cannot wait to hold that sweet little babe in my arms! I'm so glad that Jake is a good sport and took these pictures! I can't wait to get the rest of them back and I will show them to you then!


how far? 30 Weeks and 3 days!!!!! We are on the count down now people! Less than 10 weeks until we meet this little girl! It just hit me this past week that I could be having a baby in the next 6 or 7 weeks. Hopefully she'll cook a little longer, but still!
So MAMA'S if you have any tips on what I should be packing in my hospital bag I would love to hear them!

maternity clothes? Oh bessy YES! Every time I get a new article of clothing I just think why didn't I do this earlier?? I caved and bought two pairs of dress pants for work from Old Navy and I don't want to ever take them off. They are SO comfy! I bought these and these. If I could wear cropped dress pants to work, I so would've bought the red ones!! AH!

sleep? Its starting to not become a thing. I've started waking up at least once a night, mostly because I have to pee BUT!!! our bed is so tall and I have to slither out of it  and with my maternity pillow where it is I can't so I just fall back asleep.

best moment of the week? This child moving as much as she has! Right now as I type she is seriously bouncing around in there like its no big deal! Also she's getting big enough that we've started guessing what is sticking out. Elbows, feet, her sweet little bum! I really can't wait for her now, I am getting way too excited.

weird pregnancy moment? Everything is so weird at first and then becomes pretty awesome afterword. It is still weird for me to be sitting at my desk at work and know that my belly is moving all around, I'm still just waiting for a customer to comment on it! 

size of baby? according to apps and such she is about 3lbs!

food cravings? My 'morning sickness' is starting to come back a bit so in the mornings all I want is toast. Come lunch time I am craving all sorts of stuff, today its a corndog from Disney land.

what am I looking forward to? The two baby showers in January that are in the works! I couldn't be more excited. Also to just hold this little babe!

stretch marks? NO! Thank goodness! I am not finished growing yet though. I figure that I will see some pop up here in the next few weeks. I am still grateful that I haven't seen anything thus far!

nursery? Yes! It is almost finished! We just got finished painting the dresser that Jake and his mom used when they were younger! I will sometimes get stressed out a bit about it not being finished and have to realize that she wont be using it for the first few months anyways!

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