Monday, December 15, 2014

2nd Trimester Favorites

If you missed my first post of my 1st Trimester Favorites you can go and see that here.

Today I'm going to share with you some of my favorites throughout my 2nd trimester. I felt like this second trimester went by so much faster than the first, and I know the third will be so slow (so I've heard). I grew so much in this trimester, but fortunately, I was still in all of my pre-pregnancy clothes for more than half the time. Now I am in maternity clothes 80% of the time. The other 20% is either sweats or no clothes.. just being honest :)

2nd Trimester Favorites

-Pregnancy Pillow-
I have taken this pillow with me everywhere! We just recently went to Las Vegas on our second 'babymoon', kind of, but this guy came right along with us! One of Jakes cousins let me borrow her pregnancy pillow, and I will forever praise her at her feet and shower her with gifts! I don't know how I ever slept through the night without one! Jake does get jealous that I get in bed and snuggle right up to it, but he's just not as squishy and fluffy and comfy feeling as that beloved pillow, sorry love! I could write a whole post about that pillow, I could sing from the mountain tops about it! I'm in love! Do yourself a favor... buy the pillow!

-Life Saver Peppermints-
As I mentioned in my first post, I was sick well into my second trimester. Like it didn't stop until I was about 25-26 weeks and even then I still have some off mornings. So these babies are in every purse, drawer, and pocket of everything I own. When my flashes of nausea come on I just pop one in and BAM! It's gone!

-DoTerra Peppermint Beadletts-
Along with the peppermints for nausea, I got heartburn sooo bad once I hit 20 weeks. It doesn't matter what I eat I get heartburn, and bad. My doctor told me to take tums and if I didn't help or I still got it everyday then we would start on prevacid. That would require me to take it everyday to stop the production of the acid that's causing the painful heartburn. I really didn't want to be on any medicine everyday for it so I was looking for something, anything else to help. So I started swallowing one of these puppies after I ate and it took my heartburn away so much faster than the tums ever did. Again, I have these in my purse and on my bedside table so they're always right where I need them!

-Maternity Leggings-
I bought these leggings from Old Navy not too long after I found out I was pregnant. I wear these all the time, they are so comfy for lounging in or you can dress them up and wear them out for date night. I literally am either in leggings, or my maternity jeans (from old navy- and are equally comfortable)

I put lotion on this ever growing belly night and morning. I did buy some vitamin E oil to start using when I started this journey but I've read so much about stretch marks and such that it is in your genetics, and also how quickly you gain weight. So yes, the oil can help you out but I figure as long as my skin is well moisturized it should stretch pretty well. Knock on wood - no stretch marks yet.

-Heating Pad-
For as long as I can remember we've had a heating pad in our house. I have had a bad back since a 6th grade cheer incident, and this little lady having her growth spurts have had an impact on my poor little back. It has been so nice to lay with it on my back to make it feel better. It is also nice to have for sore legs after a night full of leg cramps! Now in my third trimester it has been nice to lady this puppy on my ribs when she gets stuck in there for the majority of the day.

-Bubble Bath -
 When I first told people I was pregnant, I was told a billion times that I would take a ton of baths. I thought they were pretty crazy. I like baths but they aren't my go to. Well.. I have changed my ways. They are so relaxing and it is the perfect way to sooth all of my sore muscles after a long day. I sit at a desk all day and it makes my ribs really sore, so I have taken a lot of baths in the past few weeks our water bill may have sky rocketed! :) whoops! I am now also adding a BIG HUGE TUB to my Christmas list! We had one in our hotel room in Park City and in Las Vegas, I cried a little inside because I had to leave that huge tub!

Is there anything that helped you that I should be incorporating into my life??

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  1. Baths are definitely my very favorite!!! :) I LOVE them. I could sit in the tub all night. I always have to drain some water and put more warm in because it gets so cold so fast when you can't take a steaming hot one like you want. Don't want to roast the baby!


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