Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Birth photographer

Since before I got pregnant I always loved reading/looking at birth stories. Somehow it would help with my need to have a child. I could sit in the privacy of my home and cry over how beautiful it was, and how wonderful the husbands were in the pictures. Their eyes were bright, sparkly, and full of love for their new addition.

 I have been wondering since before I got pregnant if I would get a birth photographer. I'm still trying to figure out if I want my mom or Jakes in there. So heres the question of the day, what are your thoughts on birth photography? Did you have one? If so who would you recommend??


  1. Oh my gosh, April. You SO have to have a birth photographer. If I'm an advocate for anything, it would be this! I did it and I STILL cry every time I look at those photos. It is such a life changing event. In my opinion, it's more life changing than even getting married - bringing a new life into this world! I know it can be intimidating because let's be honest - it could be a complete stranger seeing ALL of your goods, but I promise when I say that you will want to be able to relive the moment that you became a mom over and over again. My sister-in-law took mine and she did an incredible job. Yes, she saw everything I've got, but she wasn't weird about it and she does a good job at making you feel like she's not even there. :) You can look her up on FB under Arika Averett Photography. Good luck! I'm excited to hear what you decide. ;)

  2. I would so so volunteer to take pictures for your birth story. If only I lived closer! :(


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